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Couple’s Photo Session at Sunshine Plaza

Mar 9

Winter Sessions

There’s this strange thing that happens when I’m editing outdoor sessions. If it’s winter and I’m editing something I shot in the summer, I can almost feel the warmth on my skin just by watching the sun’s rays play back in a photo or video. It’s like I’m immediately transported to that climate again. But oddly..the same *does not* happen for sessions I shoot in the winter. It’s like my brain completely blocks out the cold and thinks “wow, that looks like a nice day!” 😂

freeze ass off, get good photos

Maia and Eric were the definition of mother effing troopers for this one. DO NOT let the bright yellow of the Sunshine Plaza fool you! The thermometer that day read a balmy 3 degrees and there seemed to be this perfectly placed gust of wind that followed us wherever we went. But this couple was IN-IT-TO-WIN-IT! I’m so glad they were, because I love the images we were able to create together!

In a yellow submarine..

I have been wanting to shoot at the Sunshine Plaza in downtown Anchorage for some time now. I just love the electric yellow walls and the bright blue circular cut outs. This atypical colorful piece of architecture in Anchorage definitely has a sort of yellow submarine/Wes Anderson feel to it.

The power of a good color palette

This couple’s photo session is a beautiful example of the power of a good color palette. Maia’s powder blue Modcloth peacoat and her cotton candy pink hair perfectly complimented the lemon yellow backdrop. It was a brilliant burst of a color that beautifully balanced with Eric’s sleek neutral palette of blacks and grays.

Gift a photo session to someone you love!

This session was actually purchased for this couple as a Christmas gift by a client of mine (shoutout Elizabeth Lent!) Did you know you could do that with me?! I may be biased, but photos are a wonderful and timeless gift to give to all the boo’s in your life.

I really loved working with these two and I was so grateful for how open they were to my vision for this shoot. Love y’all, Maia and Eric the Boyfriend (a nickname affectionately given to him by Elizabeth) 😊

The light is coming back in AK and all is right with the world again. May your days be as bright as the wall at the Sunshine Plaza. ☀️


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  1. K. Bell says:

    Ok I LOVE this! Sometimes the sunshine plaza feels like a total eyesore — but you turned it into aesthetic playground. I really like how the yellow paint gave a lovely glow with all the bounced light. Nicely done, LR.

    • Lauren says:

      Thanks so much KBell! I felt the same about it. I loved how the yellow worked with the pastel blue of her coat and pink of her hair. Everything was just so fun to look at!

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