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Home Movies: Lifestyle Family Video

Aug 7

It is with great excitement that I finally introduce “Home Movies” into the fold of full-time offerings here at the Lauren Roberts HQ! “Home Movies” are short films that honor the wonderfully ordinary days you spend together as a family. Home Movie filming sessions are incredibly laid back with very little (if any) direction from me. To start, we chat over how your family likes to spend time together. This could take any form you want: making breakfast with pj’d kiddos, arts and crafts, watching movies, a day at the lake, bedtime routines, etc. Home Movie filming sessions are 2 hours long which allows plenty of time for things to unfold naturally without feeling rushed.

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The Inspiration

My parents didn’t own a video camera when I was young. But my mom borrowed one when my dad was deployed during my first birthdays. Watching those videos, I hear the way my mom spoke to me – the loving kindness in her voice as she wakes me up from my nap. I see how my sister can barely stand a second where the camera is not focusing on her. I see my old neighbor (and basically surrogate Grandma) Ms. Bobbie hold me in the garden and update my dad on the health of his tomato plants. The scenes that play out before me are all things that actually happened in my life. But this little glitchy movie reel remains my only window into the past. It’s my little time capsule.

Earlier this summer I decided it was time I stretch my video arms into the wonderful world of family life. It excites to me think about how I can use my motion picture skills to create invaluable little time capsules for both you and your kids.

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Your Own Home Videos

In addition to the footage I’ll capture during your “Home Movie” session, I’ll also work with you to collect videos from your family archives. We are living in a different age than the years of my youth and you modern parents have so much amazing footage of your children stored on your phones! I think adding this footage to your final film really provides a unique kind of depth and personality.

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Your Final Film

You can expect your final film to be 3-4 minutes long and it will be delivered in 4-6 weeks. Once it’s ready, we will meet at my studio for a reveal on the big screen! (or we can opt for a virtual reveal if that fits your Covid preferences). Speaking of Covid, these shoots are also incredibly flexible and we can structure your session to be indoors or outdoors based on your comfort level!

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Booking Your Session

I’m so pumped for these sessions that I’m offering THE FIRST THREE BOOKINGS at a wicked special price! The first three families (one of these spots is already taken!) to book with me will receive a special introductory rate of $750 for their Home Movie session + final film. A 50% deposit and signed contract is due to reserve your date and the remainder of payment is due on the day of your session. Home movie sessions are currently available for booking:

–  August 17th & 18th

– August 28th & 29th

–  September 7th & 8th

–  September 18th & 19th

Contact me on my website to book! I’m so excited to finally be launching these and I can’t wait to see what we’re able to make for your family together!

Book your Home Movie session today!

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