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How To Prepare For Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Jul 22

women lounging on bed boudoir photoshoot

Did you just book your first boudoir session and now you’re wondering, “How do get ready for this thing?” Or are you on the fence about the whole boudoir experience and looking for more info? Well, I wanted to slide in with 5 helpful tips on how to prepare for your boudoir photoshoot. Boudoir can feel like a dauntingly mysterious thing. As grown ups, we all carry insecurities about having our photo taken. Throw in the idea of taking off all your clothes and oh baby!…Did your heart just start racing?

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Believe me. I get it. I know what it’s like to be on both sides of the camera and I’m here to tell you – any nerves are completely normal. As women, we inherit so much baggage surrounding the perception of our bodies. It’s not something that can be dismantled overnight. But I do believe we can take steps towards healing and in the process, reprogram the way we think about ourselves. When you step in front of the eye of an artist and allow them to show you what they see when they look at you – well damn. It’s a powerful experience. I’m here to shed a bit of light on my process and tell you how you can best prepare for your boudoir photoshoot with me. Let’s get started!

lauren roberts in downtown boudoir studio

The Studio

While I’m available for in-home and outdoor bookings, I shoot most of my boudoir sessions in my downtown Anchorage boudoir studio. Complete with huge windows and modern decor, this space is a total dream. I have a wide variety of furnishings and corners for us to play. I’ve been shooting in this space for over a year now and I absolutely love it.

lauren roberts boudoir studio in downtown anchorage

5 Tips On How to Prepare For Your Boudoir Photoshoot

boudoir photo of woman in rachel burke tinsel coat

1. Select outfits and accessories that reflect your personal style.

Boudoir is often squeezed into the narrow stereotype of thigh-high fishnets and pin-up corsets. If that’s your jam – amazing! But that’s not the only thing boudoir is. In fact, I would say that  only applies to about 10% of the women I photograph. Boudoir is about celebrating what makes you YOU. So whether that’s in a bodysuit or a white t-shirt, your birthday suit or a pair of leg warmers – it’s totally up to you!  Don’t be afraid to get creative with your wardrobe choices. Keep in mind that pieces with interesting textures and lines photograph really well. I recommend 1 outfit for a 30 minute shoot, up to 3 outfits for a one hour shoot, and up to 5 outfits for a two hour session. Keep in mind an “outfit” could be partially or fully nude too. I love being a wardrobe consultant so you’re always welcome to reach out if you need help deciding!  

furry pink nipple coverspregnant woman in white t shirt boudoir photoshootboudoir outfit ideas

Here are just a few wardrobe ideas to get your wheels turning: bodysuits, sheer robes & kimonos, loose fit t-shirts, your best pair of jeans, your honey’s button up, fur coats, bralettes, body chains.

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2. Come as you are.

So many women think they have to look a certain way or be at a certain weight before they can pursue a boudoir shoot. But if you’re always waiting to be different, you’re missing the point! I believe boudoir is about dispelling the myth that we need to change in order to be beautiful. It’s about celebrating our shape and size exactly as it is. For this reason, I encourage you to come as you are. You don’t need to loose weight or go tanning or do anything differently. If you wanna shave your legs before because that’s your thing – great! If you don’t – also great. My boudoir shoots are a safe space for all bodies and I lovingly welcome you as you are!

nighttime boudoir in anchorage

3. Don’t worry about the posing.

Almost every single women you see photographed in my portfolio had never done a boudoir shoot before they shot with me. And they all said the same thing…”I have no idea what I’m doing!” Girl, I’ve got your back! I’m very vocal and provide a lot of direction when I shoot. I try out poses with you and even roll around the ground to demo ideas. I’m loud and very expressive and we have SO MUCH FUN together. Don’t feel like you have to study pinterest and fend for yourself when it comes to posing ideas. I will guide you through the whole experience. By the end you’ll be feeling so in touch with your body you won’t even need my guidance!

portrait of woman smiling at camera

4. Bare Body, Loose Clothes.

Come to your shoot wearing loose fitting clothes and avoid wearing white deodorant, a bra, or tight fitting socks the morning of (to avoid lines in your skin). If you book hair and makeup with your session, please come to your shoot all natural- clean face, no makeup, and clean hair that is completely dry. It’s ideal for styling if you’re able to wash your hair the night before. A lot of women ask whether or not they need hair and makeup for their session. If you’re someone who wears makeup daily, it can be really nice to let yourself be pampered for this experience. I work with the most amazing hair and makeup artists and I want everyone to experience what they do! On the other hand, if you’re someone who relies on little to no styling for everyday wear, hair and makeup might not be right for you. I’ve photographed women who wore no make up all the way up to a full face with lashes. It’s all about what feels best for you!

prepare for your boudoir session

5. Focus On Your Intention.

I saved this one for last because I believe it is THE most important thing you can do as you prepare for your boudoir photoshoot. Take some time to think about what you want to get out of your session. Many of the women I shoot decide to gift their photos to a partner. While that is seriously the best fucking gift anyone could ever receive, I think it’s far more important to think about what this experience means to you. Two of the questions I ask women to think about is, “What areas of your body do you love? What areas do you want to learn to love better?” Seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes can illuminate so much beauty you didn’t even know was there. It’s really an honor for me to journey alongside women and help them develop a deeper love for themselves. As you prepare for your boudoir shoot, reflect on what this experience means to you and what you hope to take from it.

how to prepare for your boudoir shoot

I hope this post has been helpful for you as you prepare for your first (or your tenth!) boudoir session. If you’re interested in booking a shoot with me – or even if you just have questions – I encourage you to reach out on my website. This summer I’m offering outdoor boudoir shoots as well as in-home sessions and shoots at the studio. Get in touch and let’s start planning your session!


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    This post was very helpful. I really appreciate the last point about setting your intention. Thank you!

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