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Downtown Photos at Port Of Anchorage

Jul 29

couple walking hand in hand at port of anchorage

Downtown Anchorage Photos

Megan and Gus are just about the loveliest people you ever did meet. Within 5 minute of meeting Gus, he already called me ma’am and my heart just about burst at the earnest pleasantry! A gentle blanket of blue-grey clouds settled in above as we walked the path to The Port of Anchorage. It didn’t take me long to settle into a rhythm with these two. It felt like we’d known each other forever That’s how you know it’s good. For the half hour we spent together, Megan lived in a permanent state of smile. Her and Gus’ energy was an absolute blast to photograph!

couple laughing holding dog anchorage woman smiling anchorage couple kissing with wide view of cook inlet couple at port of anchorage Downtown Anchorage Photos couple dancing at port of anchorage

Penelope The Pup

Shoutout to Penelope the pup for being the sweetest good girl. I’m pro-dog and will always tell you to bring your pup along to your photo session. My disclaimer is that I’m in no way capable of getting them to do anything besides lick you and run around. This furry chick knew what was up though. And for her dedicated eye contact, I say thank you.

dog looking at the camera Downtown Anchorage Photos couple dancing in Downtown Anchorage Photos couple looking lovingly into each other's eyes man giving camera funny look Downtown Anchorage Photos couple dancing at port of anchorage Downtown Anchorage Photos alaska woman smiling holding toms shoes couple looking out over cook inlet Downtown Anchorage Photos man and woman couple hugging in front of barge Downtown Anchorage Photos couple by the ocean Downtown Anchorage Photos

Port of Anchorage

I had visited The Port of Anchorage in early spring. When Megan & Gus booked me for their downtown mini, I was anxious to suggest this spot to them because I thought it was such a beautiful fusion of nature and man-made scenery. It just so happened that Megan accidentally coordinated her outfit perfectly to match the barge! I especially love photographing people in rich jewel and earth tones. This pairing of rust orange and emerald green came out so beautifully.

alaska woman smiling Downtown Anchorage Photos couple at port of anchorage Downtown Anchorage Photos couple smiling with dog between their faces alaska couple with barge at port of anchorage

Thanks so much for swinging by the bloggy blog! It’s really fun sharing new work with y’all and I’m thrilled you keep coming back.

If you tune into my Instagram, you saw I just extended a special offer for a one hour downtown Anchorage photo session. Book a one hour shoot before the end of this week (to be scheduled for August) and I will give you a FREE hardcover storybook album with your session! What can I say? I just love our little city and I’m feelin’ real creative and reallll generous.

There’s only one spot left for this awesome offer so hit me up if you want it!

Be well y’all,

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  1. Brian says:

    These pictures made me smile with the love that I see in your pictures that you have for each other thank you for sharing these pictures and your precious moments

  2. Ranna Fekrat says:

    Saturday morning and I opened my Facebook to see these loving photos. You two are so beautiful and your smiles says it all. Looking at these photos and the infectious love you have for each other, made my day.

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