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May 5

The plane dipped below the clouds and it was as sunny on the streets as it was in the sky. Not the Seattle anyone had ever told me about. But sweet geez, I was in heaven amongst the most beautifully blossomed city I’d ever seen. All sun, all green, sun dresses and bare legs.

That alone would have made the trip worth it.

A couple weeks ago I ventured down to Seattle to meet the illustrious Andria Lindquist. I flew over 2,000 miles just to spend a day soaking up her wisdom and experience as she mentored me. And let me tell you, it was exceedingly worth every single mile. I’ve followed this woman’s work for years now, incessantly and embarrasingly fan girling with every new photograph and blog post. She is one of the most ingenuitive photographers I have ever encountered, dripping with true authenticity and power packed with some of the most drive I’ve ever seen sealed in one person.

We met over coffee and spent our noon with Eliza and Joseph, galavanting around Upper Queen Anne, making photos of their pretty pretty faces. And then we spent the rest of the afternoon talking on everything from creative inspiration to blog formats.

Beauty Board Media // 2014 Beauty Board Media // 2014 Beauty Board Media // 2014 Beauty Board Media // 2014

And then I had the honor of turning the lens on the beaut herself.Beauty Board Media // 2014 Beauty Board Media // 2014Beauty Board Media // 2014Beauty Board Media // 2014 Beauty Board Media // 2014

Beauty Board Media // 2014Beauty Board Media // 2014

I’m burried in pages and pages of notes with new thoughts on the tip of my mind and new ideas brewing in the depths of my brain. In Traveling to new places and meeting new people, I was so reassured on this trip of the wonders it does to your perspective. To smell new air and hear old truths re-articulated in new ways. I needed that so badly.

I have been so ridiculously nourished by the people I’ve brushed elbows with as my feet have tread through being an artist. And I’ve come to learn the beauty of generosity, both in resources and knowledge through the people who have been kind enough to extend it to me. I once had a fellow photographer tell me, “when the tide rises, the boats rise with it. And we can either watch people sink and be pulled down with them or we can constantly be raising each other up to a higher and higher level than any of us could’ve ever floated to on our own.”

I’ve been experiencing that so much this past year. And I’ve been learning about acting in response to that instead of jaded obligation. Giving because I’ve been given to. Loving because I’ve been loved. Not because I HAVE to, but in response to the beauty that has been lavished on me. And that’s..

Freeing. Really freeing.

And really right back to the way it was supposed to be, I think. Being aware of how you got to where you are, and all the arms that lifted you there.

So, in short. Let’s all share our toys.
For we have certainly been shared with.


So, that’s my soapbox.
Thanks for letting me share.


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  1. Wow I’m very envious of you! Ive followed Andria’s work since 2012 and she is most certainly my fav photog, her style, creativity, honesty, and personality are so inspiring, she just seems like the type of person everyone wants to know and who has a great impression on anyone… this is very awesome that u got to spend time with her. Your last words are very well said as well! Wish u the best in your future endeavors

  2. Eliza says:

    Gasp! Love them all!!!

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