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And Then She Came // Noelle

Jan 8

For nine months up until then, she was inside.

And then, in moments she came here- to the outside world.

She was the calmest baby you’ve ever seen- a stark contrast to her sister who is the most vivacious of tiny humans. We all just marveled at Noelle. Totally content.  With eyes wide open, awake and soaking in everything she could. The nurses poked and proded every limb and surface of her little body performing their routine checks. She lay totally still, every so often fiddling her tiny red tongue in and out of her mouth.

I’ve never been there to see a new person come into the world. My sister is a midwife and she could talk for hours about how incredibly cool it is to see those babies come to life.

And that day. I finally understood why she loves it so much.

So here is Noelle on her first day in the world.

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