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Rainbow Colored Engagement Photos in Downtown Anchorage

Mar 10

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Urban Engagement Photos

I love shooting downtown. You may think it strange when we find ourselves surrounded by the most majestic sort of natural beauty here in Alaska. But I just can’t help the love affair I have with the urban landscape of downtown Anchorage. Most people would drive by and see an old laundromat with chipping paint, but I see a bright green garage door that would frame two people perfectly. Anchorage gets a lot of flack for being boring and beige. But I love finding these little pockets of color I can use to create unique compositions for your portraits. It’s just like…my thing. 😉

I’ve driven by this colorful little block of downtown countless times, thinking, “One day I’ll photograph someone there.” When Nicolette and JC opted for urban engagement photos, I knew they would be the perfect candidates for this colorful corner of downtown. These two both hit a home run with their wardrobe too, with MVP going to that cheetah coat! I love how beautifully bold patterns photograph against the urban landscape.

FAQS about shooting downtown

I had so much fun with these two and can’t wait to shoot their wedding later this summer! My boudoir books for April also just opened up. These are the dates I have open for boudoir are:

  • Saturday April 9 @ 1:30PM & 3PM (1 hr sessions)
  • Wednesday April 13 @ 1PM, 3:30PM, & 4:15PM (30 min sessions)
  • Thursday April 21 @ 2PM & 3:30PM (1 hr sessions)
  • Tuesday April 26 @ 10AM & 11:30AM (1 hr sessions)

New Booking System For Portraits

Starting in April, I will also be approaching bookings for all portrait sessions a little differently than I have in the past. In April, I will be opening up my books for May, June, and July. I will announce specific dates I have open for boudoir sessions, at home family sessions, downtown shoots, and family films. I’m still working out the details, but books will be open for a set amount of time. During that time, you can submit a contact form for what type of project you’re interested in and we will coordinate a time to schedule you between May-July. Once I’ve capped the amount of bookings I’m able to take, I will close my books and they will reopen in July for August-October projects. To clarify, this system will not apply to weddings, only portrait shoots and family films. My books for 2022 weddings are still open as are my books for 2023 weddings.

I’m sure there will be kinks to work out, so bear with me. 😊 But, I’m excited to give this new system a try in an effort to streamline my schedule and my workflow. More on this in the coming weeks! If you’re interested in getting on the books for boudoir in April, you can contact me here!


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