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Cozy In-Home Newborn Session – Anchorage Photographer

May 28

silhouette of family in home session

In Home Sessions

When we shot this cozy in-home newborn session back in February, it never occurred to me that it would be one of the last times I would do that for a while. It was so sweet to share this time with Rachel & Mack and their new baby boy. When I’m shooting newborn sessions, I always think about what it will be like for the fam to look back on these photos decades from now. I like knowing these photos will be a time capsule for that sweet babe. I also like knowing he’ll will be able to see the space where he first lived on this earth.

mantel decoration in south anchorage homefamily with newborn baby reclining on armchairs

Tiny Baby Yawns & Fresh Bread

I recognize you’ve come here today for cuteness, and I guarantee to deliver on that – squishy baby faces, smiles, and the cutest and tiniest little baby yawn you’ve ever seen.

I had an amazing time photographing this family and their new little babe at home. If you don’t already recognize this mama’s effervescent face, it belongs to Rachel who happens to run the best bakery in all the land called Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop (which is also dangerously close to my house). Upon greeting me at the door, Rachel invited me in and instantly offer me fresh bread and berries. GOD BLESS! This fam was truly a delight to photograph. The love they have for their new little man was is heartwarming.

Enjoy all the love and cuteness in this cozy in-home newborn session!

fire island bakery paintingnewborn session mother holding baby family smiling sitting in cozy living room baby scowling while mom is laughing dad smiling at camera holding yawning baby mom laughing while baby makes funny face mom holds yawning baby while sitting in armchair dad and newborn baby smiling mom holds newborn baby christmas cards taped to doorframe family portrait in hallways wide shot of family in baby's nursery mom holding newborn baby decorations in baby's nursery cozy in-home session with newborn baby baby nursery decor dad holding baby while mom looks for new baby outfit baby laying on changing table newborn session at south anchorage home mom and dad change baby's outfit pictures hanging on wall baby snuggling with dog alaskan family outside in snow with newborn baby dad baby and dog outside in the snow dog laying in snow cozy in-home session with newborn baby

I’ve so enjoyed being able to get back to work this month. The support you all have shown during this crazy time has been incredible. While this time of year would normally have me looking forward to wedding season, that is not the case this year for obvious reasons. Much love to all my 2020 couples who’ve postponed. You all are amazing and I cannot wait to party with you next year!

What this does mean is I will have much more time for portrait work. And I can get behind that! Stay tuned next week for an exciting update about June’s new offerings!

Wanna get on the books now for your summertime portrait session? Inquire for availability and booking details!

Much love,


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