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Boudoir In Buttery Velvet / Anchorage

Jun 27

Every time I photograph these sessions, I know it and I feel it to be undeniably true. I was wired to do this. To photograph women in all their beauty. To remind them of their exquisiteness, encourage positivity in the way they think and talk about themselves, and maybe (when needed) offer a gentle bit of photographic balm to wounds of body image past.

I’ve had a bit of rough road with boudoir, I got derailed by other peoples opinions and criticisms a while ago and it took me some time to find my way back (another story for another time). But I know now. This work is so good and I never want to leave.

This session is brought to you by a gorgeous and gifted woman. We share the same heart to see women uplifted and social norms brought down. It was such a privilege to capture her her strong spirit and beautiful body on buttery velvet.

*This post contains artistic nudity*

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I’m all moved into to my new studio space in downtown Anchorage and have a few boudoir openings for July. Contact me if you want to book!

Current openings:
Afternoon: Sunday July 7th
Evening: Wednesday July 10th
Evening: Thursday July 18th
Morning or Afternoon: Sunday July 28th

All my love,

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