Oct 2

I love the natural beauty of our state as much as the next Alaskan.


There is also blocks upon blocks of beauty in our streets. And street beauty…well, street beauty is different from mountain beauty. It’s gritty. It’s colorful. It’s unexpected. And I downright love it.

I want you to ask yourself, when was the last time you and your honey had GUD photos of yourselves? 

This October, before the bum chilling winter sets in, I’m offerin’ urban portrait sessions for couples. Your love, photographed in your town. Make it a short session or a full night soiree! I’ve got all sorts of session packages for you babes to choose from. If you’re married, engaged, or just straight up in love…

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This month, session dates are available from October 4th-October 11th and October 18th-31st.

Got a place that’s significant to you in this city? Let’s go!

Nowhere in mind? I’ve got dozens of nooks and crannies I’d love to place you in. I’ll text you cross streets and we adventure from there!

Call me, beep me, reach me.


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