Dec 18

Welcome to boudoir season at Beauty Board!

We as women spend so. much. time. body bashing ourselves. Myself included. While inner character far surpasses outer beauty, and the phrase “it’s whats on the inside that counts” will hold that true, believing in your outer beauty is an important thing. We, as women, were made so exquisitely. And it seems we can always see that in others but rarely in ourselves.

We are so excited to offer you an all inclusive pampered experience. Each session includes hair and make up along with some complimentary champagne and snacks. Come, let us take care of you and dote over your beauty.

If this is something you’re interested in- EVER- don’t hesitate to give me a call. As for the immediate future, if these are photos you’d like to gift to someone in your life for Valentine’s day or an anniversary present, I’ll be accepting bookings through early February. Want to get money off? Grab a girlfriend and make her do it with you! Get a $50 product credit for every friend who mentions your name at booking.

If you’re interested. If you’re intrigued. If you’re like- mmm, that sounds kind of interesting- but heck no! I could ever do something like that, give me a call and I’ll talk you out of any hesitations ya’ got.

You know where to find me, my beauties.
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