Nov 4

So comes the holiday season and the season for doing lovely things for yourself and others.

I love. love. love. the holiday season.
There’s something about this time, where- we all embrace who we really are. The better, more generous sides of ourself. The side that puts others first. The side that chooses family and friends over work and possessions. There’s something about the way the snow falls softly and the way a mug warms my hands that just seems to quiet my soul. There’s something about these two months, though we may be working ourselves to the bone and embracing every kind of anxiety, there’s an undeniable magic that hangs in the air around the holidays. And for these two months, we’re able to be who we want to be all year long. Like winter brings rest for crops, so the holidays bring a sort of rest for my heart.

In keeping with such loveliness, I’ve decided that this holiday season, in the Beauty Board department, I’d like to focus on hanging out with you lovely women and taking the time to make you feel beautiful.

And let’s be honest- you deserve it.

I was just sitting down with a photographer friend of mine who I care about dearly, and we were discussing how at the time, no matter where you’re at in life, you can rarely ever see how beautiful you were at that time. It’s only in the future, when you’re looking back at old photos that you realize, I actually looked pretty damn good (with the exception of my perm years in high school- I don’t know if I’ll ever count those as pretty). It’s in those moments of clear hindsight that I think about all the time I wasted with a whip in my hand- body bashing myself. What a total waste of time, when the reality was- I. WAS. LOVELY.

And that’s your reality now.

So, welcome to boudoir season at Beauty Board. If this is something you’re interested in- EVER- NEVER hesitate to give me a call. As for the immediate future, if these are photos you’d like to gift to someone in your life this Christmas, I’ll be accepting booking up until November 25th to ensure that you can have them in time for the holiday.

If you’re interested. If you’re intrigued. If you’re like- mmm, that sounds kind of interesting- but heck no! I could ever do something like that, give me a call and I’ll talk you out of any hesitations ya’ got.

You know where to find me, my beauties.
// 907.360.6103. // & here. //

And for now, enjoy the loveliness of a woman.
Presenting- Miss Thang. In all her glory.
Make Up by Tess Weaver.

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  1. don barrington

    November 4th, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    mmhmmm. love it!


    November 18th, 2013 at 1:01 pm

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