Jan 15

In the eloquent words of their most crippled and beloved groomsmen ..

“Tyler and Emily have shown me that love is hard. Love is a conscious, consistent decision. They don’t have the perfect fairytale love story, but they have an unbreakable, lasting love.”

Over the years I’ve been privileged to listen to many a love story, and I’ve come to see that unbreakable and lasting loves are structures built over time, from the foundation up, brick by brick. Each time I get the pleasure to sit down and hear one of these stories, I’m impacted by the major role timing plays in every. single. one.

People who have known each other for years and one day just begin to see each other differently..

People who leave work at just the right moment to meet at the bottom of a stairwell..

People who literally go to the end of the earth and meet one another..


And what’s so crazy to me is all the factors and all the stars that have to align in order for them to end up
with each other.

Emily & Tyler have a seven year long love story. Always hot and cold and cold and hot, until one April when they were finally led to the same path, independently, by the hands of a loving God. It was such a gift to be at their wedding and tell their story.

So, my friends, unwrap your PB&J, find a quite place, and press play.

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I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the incredible team who happily worked their bums off at this wedding.

FLORALS BY: the queen of Bohème herself, Dallas of Bloomsbury Blooms.
PLANNING & DESIGN BY: the best girl on the dance floor, Erin Velander of Blomma Designs.
PHOTOGRAPHY BY: the east coast mama Mary Brunst Photography.
GOOD GRUB BY: everyone’s fave, Turnagain Armpit.
FUNKY FRESH TUNES BY: John, from On Da Go.
VENUE BY: the Crow Creek Miners.
RIGHT HAND SHOOTING BY: none other than the man himself, Willie Dalton.

In other news, I’ll be at the wedding fair this weekend. Booth 517. Come by, grab a little treatsy and look around. I’ll be giving away a Lover’s Sesh as well as offering other sweet effing deals.

I wanna meet all you beautiful big-hearted lovers.

Sunday. Dena’ina Center. 11:30AM-5PM. Come say ‘ello!

With love,

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