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Quiet An Adventure • Alaska Elopement In A Hailstorm

Sep 24

Exactly one year ago today, a curtain of thick black clouds stretched across the sky burying the sun at mid day. They dumped buckets on buckets of rain and brought with them thunder and lightning, a true rarity round these parts. It was Lorenzo & Armie’s first time to Alaska and this bout of truly absurd weather just happened to be on their wedding day. Their souls, however, are intrinsically adventurous and nothing would stop them. They came to celebrate their elopement among the mountains and even if that meant celebrating in the middle of a hailstorm, they were down. Three cheers and happy one year anniversary to these guys!

Many thanks to Tyler Fenton for his help filming on this day!
Officiant: Wild Love Alaska
Photographer: The Adams Co

(Stills from the film below. Check out The Adams Co’s blog post with their photographs from the day)

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The craziest weather I’ve ever seen and yet some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Truly unforgettable and oddly, pretty perfect for two people who love the thrill of new experiences!

Books are open for elopement and wedding films & photos in 2020. Get in touch for more info!

With love,

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