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Mar 11

It all began like this..

Dear Lauren..
“We’re pregnant! My question is whether or not you would be open to filming my birth? I know it isn’t what you do, but I love your style and I think you would do a beautiful job capturing the experience for us…As a bonus, we are relatively attractive and pretty awesome people…”

And in that moment of modest declaration, I knew. I knew we would tell this story together.

Lindsey & Corwyn are kind hearted, artistic souls who understand one another deeply. Together they were expecting a little baby boy who did not feel like waiting until he was done forming to come to us. What came about was a story quite unlike the one we were expecting to tell.

Life happens as it will and babies arrive when they may.

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They were admitted to the hospital the night before we were set to take maternity photos. So, weeks later when they were finally home, we walked around the bog they walk every night & baby-on-the-inside photos became their first set of family photographs.

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To be fully let in to the intimacy of their experience was one of the greatest privileges of my career.
To be full trusted by them was an honor I am eternally grateful for.

You all will be happy to hear that Mr. Miles is now a 2 ton chunk of love with rolls to eat your heart out. He is gorgeously chubby and surely loved.

With immense love,

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  1. Casey says:

    Lauren. This is simply stunning and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Sammy says:

    Lauren! I just went on a bender of all of the birth videos/photos you have published on this blog. They are all amazing, this one in particular required 1/2 pack of tissues. Really really beautiful. So moving. Thank you for sharing your work.

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