Jan 4

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiimmmeee of the year.

Ladies, you know I love ya.
And that is why January is one of my favorite times of the year.
I shoot boudoir year round, but this is the time when we all get together, shed our layers and celebrate how incomparably beautiful we are as women.

You. Are. LOVELY.
It’s time we savor that. And it’s time you see that with new eyes.

All photos and albums will be ready in time for V-Day AND for double your pleasure this year, we’re offering two days to choose from! Two Days. Ten Sessions. And more fun that you can shake a stick at.
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This year, spreading the word has a lovely upside. We’re happy to be offering perks to you ladies who can’t stop talking about a good thing. If one of your friends books a session because of you, we’ll gift you a musical slideshow of your photos. If two of your friends book because of you, we’ll gift you a gorgeous large print as well! 

For both the “I’ve always wanted to do something like this!” honeys and “I could NEVER do something like this!” ladies alike, this one’s for you.

Session spots will be first come first served, so leave your dilly dallying at home. Email to receive the Pricing PDF and to reserve your spot!

With love,


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