Nov 23

Settle in with your Monday evening cozy clothes, put your feet up, and come hear the best kind of story.

Andrew & Jenny are the kind of people you send novel length emails to, because they’re just that easy to connect with. The kind of people you spend 2 hours Facetiming on a friday night, because they’re just that easy to connect with.

When they asked us to come down to Kodiak to document the story of their love, they invited us in like family. And that is no small thing.

Kodiak is a tiny town with a big heart for hospitality and Andrew & Jenny, while transplants, are perfectly placed in it. They have this palpable kind of love for each other. They speak their own language with their hands and faces just as equally as words and their love is the kind that’s comforting to be around.

Gargantuan celebrations are rad within their own right, but there is a special initimacy when you’re surrounded by your blood kin. The stories we heard and the love we experienced amidst this family is something we won’t soon forget. And with this film, I hope those two days of Lowd lovin’ on Kodiak Island are some they will intricately cherish for all of their days to come.

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The air is cold on my skin but my mind is already dreaming of the stories I’m going to tell next summer. I’m booking up for 2016 already and if you want your story told like this, I want to be there.

Thanks to Willie Dalton for shooting by my side and if you want to take a look at the day through photographs, check out the beautiful work of my friend Grace Adams over on her blog.

Happy week of thanks Lovers.
Hug the ones you love.

With love,

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