Jun 8

Oh you ladies. With your lovely curves and sultry ways.

In the dead of winter this past winter, we hosted our first ever Hot Damn, Girl! A day of boudoir in downtown Anchorage where we shed our layers, sipped on mimosas, and made photographs of these strong women and their beautiful forms.

This hazy January day was a meaningful one to me. For one day, to hush the negative we tell ourselves, take off our clothes, pull up the camera, and see that..

Beauty, is not singular..

It is in the curves of her form just as in the length of her limbs.

It is the pale of her skin just as in the dark of her complexion.

The sweet of her demeanor just as in the boldness of her being.

Hair & Make-Up by: Drea Moss.
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For all your women who missed this, let me tell you if was a damn fine day full of few clothes, delicious drinks, and gorgeous bodies. Hot Damn, Girl! is about throwing off your inhibitions. It’s about giving a giant punt to what your surroundings tell you is beautiful and sexy. It’s about coming as you are and being savored for all that you are.

We love your love handles. We love your stretch marks. We love your flat chests and we love anything else you could pick apart in yourself. Most of all, we love encouraging you and creating a free space, where you are praised and empowered.

If you missed the bandwagon, you best get on it next time. Hands up for all who want in on our next go around?! We’re scheming our next day of boudoir for later this summer, so if you’re interested in booking a session as part of HDG, email me at and you’ll be the first to receive our PDF before the event opens up to everyone.

Also, for you out of state honeys, keep your eyes out this fall for an HDG that may be coming your way!

With love,

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