Jan 12

It’s everything I love.

One lady. Looking fine & celebrating her being alive and being a woman. It was her birthday a while back and, for herself, she decided she wanted to celebrate by immortalizing this point in her life. And so we took to the streets of our town to savor her in all her beauty.

Hair & Make Up: Hannah Rees.

Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-1 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-2 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-3 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-4 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-5 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-6 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-7 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-8 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-9 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-10 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-11 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-12 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-13 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-14 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-15  Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-17Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-20 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-18 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-19  Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-21 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-22Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-24 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-23Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-16  Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-25 Tamara-Portrait-BBMBLOG-26

For all you ladies and fella’s and gal’s who love your ladies, we’ve still got slots available for Hot Damn Girl! One fine day of nothing but back to back boudoir sessions for a select group of fine ladies! Read more about it here. Email for more details and to reserve your spot.

Oh ladies, how I adore you.


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