Nov 4

There’s a certain ease that comes with lake life and all those who are drawn to it. 

It’s like…you can’t be uptight and truly BE at the lake at the same time. And if you can, you’re trying much too hard.

Both my parents grew up going to the lake and as family traditions continue, they introduced my sister and I to the joy of the lakeside. We’d pack up the car, the boat and all our friends weekend after weekend. First stop- gas station. Which, was necessary, but also proved an unfailing gateway to slushy heaven (the only real way to start a lake trip right). We would tube and ski and swim for hours on hours. And finally, when the day was done, my parents would pile all us little chi’ren back in the car, happily sun kissed and completely spent. And we’d sleep like the dead all the way home.

Lake life is a sort of thing you can’t get out of your veins once you’ve fallen for it. It’s slow and steady. Not demanding. A full spectrum that can give you the best rest and the most fun you’ve ever had all in the same day.

And Sierra & Antone know that well.

They are entwined with Harding Lake’s waters and the waters with them. On account of a few busted teeth and her sassy remarks, these lake rats met on these very water summers ago and came back this June to get married and party their hearts out on it’s shore.

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Thank you for bringing me along to the magic of your Harding Lake, you Contentos.

With love,


P.S. Don & I shot this wedding together at Loose Leaf Weddings! Head on over here to see the accompanying stills.

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