May 7

Cameras feel big and scary sometimes.
And with reason I could say.
With everyone and their mother having an iphone in their back pocket, it’s like an entire instant army capable of whipping out their smart machine at any minute to snap a photo of you conveniently right as you shove a huge glob of food into your mouth or mid word. Which who does that look good on?

No one.

It’s no wonder cameras seem scary. There is so much potential to look significantly more unattractive than you actually are all because of poor time and poor composition. Jaime and Peter were self proffessed unlovers of the camera.

And to that I’ll say a PSH..YEAH PLEASE.

I could have surrounded them with paparazzi and still they would be tangled up in how comfortable they are together.

I live with this girl and have seen this romance grow from the time we were still calling him the boy-space-friend (not to be confused with an actual BOYFRIEND). I’ve watched them love each other for months all the way up to the day I spotted a rang on that finger of hers. They are at home with each other, and that’s a lovely thing.
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You can trust your face with me. I’m really good at capturing you for exactly how dang-good-looking you are. I’ve got your back

…and your face.

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