Feb 8

Hey love-ahs! I’m doing a giveaway. Well because,

Giveaways are fun.

For all you lovers out there interested in winning some pretty freggin’ sweet free stuff I want you to email me. Tell me about yourselves. What’s your story? What keeps you loving each other? This isn’t about who’s got the flashiest story or the most romantic plot line. I want to know the real stuff. Being in love is a big deal. And I want to hear about what that looks like for you and your someone.

Email me at with the subject line “Our Story”
The winner couple will be selected on Wednesday!

*your photo shoot will take place on Valentine’s day. If you’re not available then, kindly pass this giveaway chance along to someone else. Flowers must also be picked up from Bloomsbury Blooms between 10-6 on Valentine’s day*


Thanks to Liz at Celestial Sweets and Dallas at Bloomsbury Blooms for also liking give aways.

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