Danny + Pris Get Engaged // REAL LIFE

Sep 17

Watch the film.

It will tell you everything you need to know and more.

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Let me tell you that sitting like an inspector gadget spy behind a couple who you KNOW is getting engaged at the end of baseball game makes nine innings seem like FOREVER.

A huge thank you to Sam Mack for being my right hand man and baseball companion.

New and fresh engaged love, on a baseball field followed by a super-charged-so-tired-don’t-care-so-much-in-love 1:30am engagement shoot. An absolutely incomparable experience. Friends — Eat your heart out.

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Danny, had me at our first transcontinental hello. And Priscilla at first time I saw her gorgeous face on the home videos Danny sent me. Many a secret phone calls. Much a-plannin. And a little side of shady behind the bleacher meetings. All for the love of this woman.

I’ve been seriously baffled recently.
Is this really my job.

Dang, the Lord is good to me.

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