Jul 8

Witty joke, eh? Good thing it took me about 5 minutes to catch on when he first told it to me.

So this one Wednesday, I’m frantically packing my bag after a last minute to decision to catch a sooner flight to MN than I planned. All my clothes are dirty. My bag is too small, and my belongings are totally strung out ALL over my bed, when I get this voicemail. “Hey Lauren, this is Danny from San Antonio Texas. I got your name from another photographer who told me you make really beautiful videos. Anyways, if you call me back, I’ll tell what we’re doing….Okay, I’ll just tell you a little bit now! We’re going to do a surprise proposal on July 4th in Anchorage and I’m looking for someone to capture it. If you could, call me back at your earliest convenience, that would be awesome!”

And so it happened. July 4th. At a baseball game.

A few frames from that adrenaline filled, nerve wracking, beautiful beneath the exploding balls of light that night.

20130604_Lovers_Photo_Danny&PriscillaLREX-1 20130604_Lovers_Photo_Danny&PriscillaLREX-2 20130604_Lovers_Photo_Danny&PriscillaLREX-3 20130604_Lovers_Photo_Danny&PriscillaLREX-4

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