West High Prahm and the Shimmerglimmers.

May 9

So sometimes.
You get jobs that are PERFECT.
That sort of just….fall in your lap.

I was teaching in a photography class a month ago and as I was preparing my portfolio to show, I decided to put in just one photo from a prom I had recently covered. Girl saw. Girl liked. Girl gives me a call.

And such came these young lovers to my path. You’ve heard me say it, and I’ll say it again. I love prahm. I love the magic, and the glitter, and the dresses, and the boys who learn how to be gentlemen for at least one night of their high school career.

Oi, the magic.


A favorite for ALL TIME.

IMG_5218IMG_5227 IMG_5230 IMG_5229IMG_5236IMG_5241

Oi, these two were so goofy. Just try and stop them. And let me tell ya’ – Mamma was shakin’ her head but I ate. it. up.

IMG_5238IMG_5246 IMG_5252 IMG_5250IMG_5254IMG_5261IMG_5262


If you looked so good, you’d be angry too.

IMG_5282 IMG_5276IMG_5292IMG_5298IMG_5295

IMG_5320 IMG_5316 IMG_5311 IMG_5309 IMG_5306 IMG_5300
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